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We Help Our Clients To Achieve Their Desired Financial Goals

Invest in Rapidcash and let your money work for you. We offer competitive rates.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    Invest with Rapidcash today and get exclusive and competitive interest rates for a desired period of time.

  • Get Bonus on investment Referrals

    Invite investors with your referral code and get amazing bonuses as a pro-investor and as a referee.

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Rapidcash Services


Financial Investment

Shield yourself from currency risk exposures and invest in Rapidcash. Grow your income flow! Own stakes in multiple financial Rapidcash Investments today.


Chap Chap Loans(1 Month)

We are on standby to provide you with 5 minutes loans that will help you meet your urgent needs.


Personal Loans

Access upto 15,000,000/= through our Personal loan products. Are you looking at expanding your business.


Local Purchase Order

When a customer has been given a local purchase order (LPO) by corporate bodies to procure and supply specific goods and /or services at a specified price /rate/value, within a specified time and possibly when, and where payment is to be made. Rapidcash would finance as much as 70% of the net value of the LPO.This tenor of the loan is subject to the terms of the contract/LPO but must not exceed 180days.


Group Loans

Our Group loan is a loan where group solidarity is used to guarantee the loan. The entrepreneurs choose members of their group and guarantee each other. The group minimum size is 5 and maximum 10.


Facility Loans

To finance acquisition of new assets for the day to day business of SMEs. SMEs in all eligible industries including but not limited to Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Importers etc. the credit gives your business the opportunity to acquire that important machinery or equipment to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Advantage

The Rapidcash Advantage

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Quick Disbursements

At Rapidcash speed of execution is key to us,as we believe that time is money, and we help you save time.

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Free Consultation

We provide free Financial consultation services to our clients to help in their financial decisions.

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Friendly Interest

Our interest rates are friendly in order to help support your business and also grow it with less financial burden .

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Flexible Repayment

We provide flexible repayment terms for our clients ,depending on your financial capacity.

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Projects Funded


Satisfied Clients


Businesses Grown


Team Members

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Application Process

How Does It Work

These are the processes required for loan Application.

  • Select Loan Type

    The Loan Applicant selects the loan type, loan amount, which will include the duration and Amount that the customer will apply for.

  • Prepare Your Paperwork

    The customer provides personal information and prepares necessary documents like, salary invoice, guarantors information to enable them become eligible for the loan.

  • Download Your Form Online

    The customer downloads our questionnaire form, fills everything correctly and agrees to our terms and conditions and summit the form back to us.

  • Contact Us Via Email or Physically

    The customer will decide to contact us via email and phone or will be able to visit our designated branch office to authenticate the application.

  • Get Loan Approved in 24 Hours

    The loan application amount will be approved depending on your salary invoice and guarantors form and lastly depending physical or email authentication.

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