How To Get A Loan From Us

Rapid Cash is using innovative approach to provide instant loan to salaried workers and reputable entrepreneurs in Dar Es Salaam. Our aim is support people to live a better life by accessing funds within minutes through our NON COLLATERAL Loan products

  • Select Loan Type

    The Loan Applicant selects the loan type, loan amount, which will include the duration and Amount that the customer will apply for.

  • Prepare Your Paperwork

    The customer provides personal information and prepares necessary documents like, salary invoice, guarantors information to enable them become eligible for the loan.

  • Download Your Form Online

    The customer downloads our questionnaire form, fills everything correctly and agrees to our terms and conditions and summit the form back to us.

  • Contact Us Via Email or Physically

    The customer will decide to contact us via email and phone or will be able to visit our designated branch office to authenticate the application.

  • Get Loan Approved in 24 Hours

    The loan application amount will be approved depending on your salary invoice and guarantors form and lastly depending physical or email authentication.