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Financial Investment

Shield yourself from currency risk exposures and invest in Rapidcash. Grow your income flow! Own stakes in multiple financial Rapidcash Investments today.


Chap Chap Loans(1 Month)

We are on standby to provide you with 5 minutes loans that will help you meet your urgent needs.


Personal Loans

Access upto 15,000,000/= through our Personal loan products. Are you looking at expanding your business.


Local Purchase Order

When a customer has been given a local purchase order (LPO) by corporate bodies to procure and supply specific goods and /or services at a specified price /rate/value, within a specified time and possibly when, and where payment is to be made. Rapidcash would finance as much as 70% of the net value of the LPO.This tenor of the loan is subject to the terms of the contract/LPO but must not exceed 180days.


Group Loans

Our Group loan is a loan where group solidarity is used to guarantee the loan. The entrepreneurs choose members of their group and guarantee each other. The group minimum size is 5 and maximum 10.


Facility Loans

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